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Go here for the Leadership and Management Institute papers Peter Pecora Keynote address "The Challenge of Achieving Evidence Based Practice in Child and Family Services"

Peter referred to the following resource in his Paper: Smart Together Strategic Learning Network

1... Muriel Cadd "Working with Indigenous Children and Families" Word
2... Ros Thorpe "Out of Home Care" Word
3... Adam Tomison: 'Evidence Based Practice in Child Protection' Word
4... Lesley Chenoweth: 'What do services need to know..' Word
4...Robyn Jackson 'Reflections from a Service Provider' PowerPoint
5... Robin Sullivan 'Evidence based practice in the education of vulnerable children and young people' PowerPoint
5... Robin Sullivan 'Evidence based practice in the education of vulnerable children and young people' Acrobat PDF
6... Annette Michaux: "The learning organisation - is it achievable in a human services context?' Word
6... Stewart Redshaw: 'A monitoring and evaluation framework for out of home care programs'

Requests for this paper should be directed to Stewart Redshaw at

6... Susan Rennie: 'Supervision for success' Word
7... Sharon McCallum and Monica Snowden " What Works?! Real partnerships with Aboriginal families does! Word
7... Ron Pettapiece, Michael Little ' First Steps: Towards a better future' Word
8... Sue Brown 'The Great Divide' PowerPoint
8... Tony Lunken, Jane Grant: 'Families that share and care' Word
8... Lesley Cutts 'Meeting the challenge of children in care with disabilities' Word
8... Lesley Cutts 'Meeting the challenge of children in care with disabilities' PowerPoint
9... Theresa Burgheim " The grief of families whose children have been removed - implications for workers in out of home care Word
9... Kathy Karatasas ' Promoting Better Practice for Under 5s in Out-of-Home Care' PowerPoint
10...Frank Ainsworth 'Does Mandatory Reporting Work?'
This paper is formally published in Ainsworth F. (2002). Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect: Does it really make a difference? Child and Family Social Work, 7, 1, 57-63.
10... Bernadette McMenamin 'Choose with care - building safer organisations for children and young people' PowerPoint
11... Graeme Stuart " Youth work as informal education - issues of control Word
12... Deirdre Cheers 'What out of home care managers think 'evidence based practice' really means' PowerPoint
12... Anne Butcher 'Investigating the education, training and support needs of foster carers' PowerPoint
12... Anne Butcher 'Investigating the education, training and support needs of foster carers' Word
14... Lyn Moggach: 'Adoption, Does it really work?' Word
14... Sarah Armstrong & Lynelle Beveridge 'The Colour of Difference'... Word
14... Sarah Sargent 'Adoption 2002' PowerPoint
15... Annette McInerney 'How mental health assessment, consultation and treatment can improve outcomes for children in care' PowerPoint
15 ...Jenny Terry " From foundations to a framework: the building blocks of resilience for children in out of home care" Word
16 ...Sue Tregeagle "What works in supporting kinship placements" Word
16 ...Jan Mason "Findings from research on kinship care:challenges for out of home care policy and practice." Paper will be provided ASAP. See also Understanding Kinship Care (2002) Mason, J, Falloon, J. Gibbons L, Spence N Scott E.
17... Judith Bessant 'Child detainees in Australia's immigration centres and normal rules of law' Word
18 ...Craig Crowe, Sue Sauer: 'One-one high support, home based care' Word
18... Mark Palmer: 'The Evidence for Sexual Assault Counselling' Word
18...Deborah BRAYLEY, "The Youth Horizons Trust Learning Centre' Word
22 ...Chris Maree Sultmann "Working on Family Contact" Word
23 ...Chris Trotter "Worker skill and client outcome in child protection" This article was published in 2002 in Child Abuse Review Vol 11:38-50 Word
24... Brenda Allport, Kristy Maddison, Jade Randall 'Edu-make-it a youth worker approach to alternative education' PowerPoint
26 ...Jennifer Blackshaw, Natalie Walker, and Marly Ritchie-Wearn " What have we learnt? Using evidence based practice when working with Indigenous young people" Word
27... Michael Peacock 'Life in no man's land' Word
27... Kerry Preston & Wendy Ayres "Family Care Program' Word
28 ...Rosemary Sheehan: 'Alternative dispute resolution in the children's court..the Victorian experience'
28... Patricia Kiely "A longitudinal evaluation of family group conferencing" Word
28...Cheryl Abram 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Program in NSW'
29 . . .Linda Mondy 'Practitioner research with very young children: one approach"; PowerPoint
Pleanry...Dr Sev Ozdowski OAM, Human Rights Commissioner "Lessons from the UN Special Session on Children" Word
Tex Skuthorpe: 'Learning from Indigenous culture and traditional society' Word
33...Tex Skuthorpe and Anne Morrill 'Unique Solutions Based on Traditional Aboriginal Culture'. This painting was completed by all the delegates in this workshop who then decided it would be displayed at a youth drop in centre in the Newcastle Area. JPEG
34.1...Justine Harris & Lee Simmonds ' Multisystemic therapy for young people with severe conduct disorder' Word
34.3 Charles Fishman and Shirley Ann Chinnery " Evidence-Based Community Intensive Treatment Programme for Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) Young People: Techniques for Intervention and Cultural Safety"
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References (Word)
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Leadership & Management Institute

35... Jane Woodruff 'Non government organisation leadership' PowerPoint
35.2... Jacqueline Booth "Partnerships for Leadership Development" Word
35.3... Lisa Harvey Energetica Information Technology Word
35.3 ... Morri Young Matrix On Board Shared Services and Outsourcing Word
35.4 ...Karen Meagher 'Learning Links and the Citigroup Foundation' Word
35.4...Michael Traill Social Ventures Australia PowerPoint

Magic Moments... Photos from the Conference

For a collection of photos from the Conference, taken by Eric Scott from ACWA, click here