ACWA Member Legal Services

Find specialist legal advice from law firms that are passionate about our sector, and who are experienced in:

Child Protection and the Children’s Court

Corporate Governance, Employment and Contract Law

ACWA chose each firm through a rigorous process based on their experience and value for money – so you can deal directly with the participating firms in confidence, knowing you have additional service quality and fee charging protections.

Click on the firm’s name to access more information and assess whether the firm fits your needs. Seek a quote directly! – contact details within.

Firm Name Number of Lawyers Location Type of
Services Provided
Harpers Legal 4 Newcastle and Hunter Region
Hosking Legal 2 Wollongong
Kathryn Renshall and Ellis McLachlan Solicitors 4 Parramatta
Mills Oakley Lawyers 32 Sydney CBD
NLS Law 3 Newcastle
Salvos Legal 14 Sydney CBD

Hints for reading the table!

Firms that specialise in Corporate governance, employment and contract law (includes property law and other business law areas too for some firms)

Firms that specialise in Child protection and the Children’s Court (may also include NCAT proceedings)

Number of Lawyers

Gives you a sense of the size of the legal service you would be working with. No. of lawyers for the purpsoes of this table is the number of qualified solicitors offered to ACWA's members' needs, excluding solicitors in the firm who work in areas of law not applicable to our members, and excluding the firm’s administrative employees.

Office Location

It’s good to know where the firm’s base is, but don’t be put off if you are at a distance as most firms service geographies are very broad.

Getting a quote

Getting a quote is easy. Click on a firm's name to get the contact information you need to talk directly about the specislist support you require.

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