ACWA Members

ACWA's current membership includes over 100 organisations and individuals that champion the interests and needs of vulnerable children, families and communities in NSW. It provides a vital platform for discussing shared concerns and objectives in the child welfare sector.

As a member of ACWA, you join a solid network of organisations and professionals who are dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of children, young people and their families and committed to enhancing the skills and capacity of the community services sector. You become part of a collective voice advocating for equal opportunity and better outcomes for disadvantaged Australians.

Individuals and organisations can become key supporters of ACWA either as Full or Associate members and receive:

  • Member newsletters and regular bulletin updates
  • Invitations to participate in policy and practice forums and seminars
  • Discounts on Centre for Community Welfare Training (CCWT) courses and workshops
  • Consultancy support for policy, advocacy, program and service development.

Become a Member

Not-for-profit organisations involved in delivering direct children, youth and family support services (including out-of-home care) or related services are entitled to apply for Full Membership.

Full members are entitled to nominate a representative for election to ACWA's Board as well as vote at general meetings of the Association.

Associate Membership may be granted to for-profit organisations and individuals whose work centres on child, youth and family welfare, including service providers, government departments, universities, tertiary education institutions, advocacy groups and research bodies.

You can start the membership process by filling out a membership application. If you require further information about becoming a member of ACWA, please contact our Membership Support Officer:

Phone: 02 9281 8822