Fostering NSW

Welcome to the go to site for information and resources about ACWA’s statewide Foster Care Recruitment and Retention project, delivered through Fostering NSW. More information is available on the Fostering NSW website.

This site is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for access to:

  • Publications and Presentations
    • Supporting Carers: A Guide for Out-of-Home Care Agencies
    • Recruiting Foster Carers: A Manual for Foster Care Agencies
    • Aboriginal Foster Carer Recruitment Manual
    • ‘The Changing Face of Fostering’ Trend Paper
    • Utilising Contemporary Marketing Approaches and Social Media to Recruit New ‘Pools’ of Foster Carers
  • Presentations from the 2014 Statewide Recruitment Forum including the following:
    • Settlement Services International on the Pacific Community recruitment initiative
    • Burrun Dalai on their recruitment strategies amongst the Aboriginal community
    • Josh Fergeus on the new Carer Induction & Support Resource 
    • Life Without Barriers on Carer Communications & Consultation
    • Southern Regional Carer Recruitment & Retention Working Group on Collaboration  
  • Resource material that you can download and use
  • Further information about the key elements of Fostering NSW
  • Highlights and information sharing from agencies and regions
  • A FAQ sheet about Fostering NSW
  • ACWA contact details for your questions and enquiries

What's New

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This year’s Foster Care Week celebrations culminated on September 17 with the 2016 Kids in Care Cup. Specially formed Aboriginal rugby league teams from across NSW converged on Sid Parrish Park at...
For Sharon Lane, who has four children of her own, the decision to foster two young brothers was a no brainer, and welcomed them into the family. The CASPA carer spoke to the Northern Star during...