Statewide Forums


The second forum was held on 14 March 2014 and provided the opportunity to showcase innovative agency and regional recruitment practices.

2014 Forum Feedback Report

Presentation Slides

Fostering NSW team on the mid campaign report
Settlement Services International on the Pacific Community recruitment initiative
Burrun Dalai on their recruitment strategies amongst the Aboriginal community
Josh Fergeus on the new Carer Induction & Support resource
ACWA on the Kids in Care Cup
LifeStyle Solutions on Digital and Social Media Marketing
Life Without Barriers on Carer Communications & Consultation
Southern Regional Carer Recruitment & Retention Working Group on Collaboration


ACWA hosted the first Statewide Recruitment Forum in Sydney on 26 March 2013. The Recruitment Forum provided a briefing to recruitment staff on the upcoming campaign and an opportunity for them to discuss best practice and new, innovative recruitment strategies.

92% of attendees surveyed strongly agreed that the Forum provided a comprehensive briefing for the upcoming Fostering NSW campaign.

89.5% said they were now clearer about how their agency can be involved.