CLP Program Components

Program Components

These components build on each other to create a complementary, multi-layered approach to developing leadership.

Face to face workshops

The workshops offer exciting new insights into leadership principles and practices and are presented by experienced leaders You will be exposed to cutting edge research into leadership, as well as into brain functioning and how leaders can best support and encourage.

Workshop 1

A three day face to face workshop comprising the following topics:
1. Yourself as leader

Course leader: Ross Nicol 
You will have the opportunity to undertake a Team Management Profile personal survey and workshop the implications of these results for the individual’s leadership practice. Unlike many similar surveys, the TMP covers both personality and work preferences to give participants a holistic view of your leadership style.
2. Adaptive Leadership
Course leader: Sharryn Mclean
This workshop will focus on leading in times of change. It will challenge you to find your own courage and capabilities during change and in addressing complex problems and to celebrate your existing strengths. Grow your ability to appreciate and tackle difficulties, resistance, conflict and embedded behaviours.

Workshop 2

A three day face to face workshop comprising the following topic:
Igniting the brain
Course leader: Maryanne Perry
This highly practical, neuroscience-based program will fast track smart, busy leaders to think, work and collaborate in new ways. You will learn and immediately apply novel brain-friendly tools for high impact results in your workplace and deep positive change in your work, and your professional and personal relationships.

Workshop 3

A one day workshop on Coaching for Performance.

Facilitator: Ross Nicol
As a participant in the Community Leadership Program, you will receive the benefit of 1 on 1 coaching sessions but how do you transfer these skills to your workplace? How is coaching different from supervision? This one-day workshop will explore how to use coaching skills to support your team members to solve their own problems and build capability.

Workplace Project

The workplace project gives you the opportunity to embed your learning and put their new knowledge into practice. Your workplace project is not merely busywork! We recognise that everyone on this program is already juggling a great deal in their work and home lives, and we will support you to ensure that your workplace project is something that delivers real professional and organisational results.
The workplace project is a tangible outcome for the investment in the program by your organisation. At the end of the program you will have a chance to briefly give an overview of how your workplace project is tracking to both your colleagues and any managers you choose to invite.
Over the last 6 years, we have often found that after the face to face workshops and your own reflection, the workplace projects are often very different from what you started with. Of course that’s the point really isn’t it! Your coach will be a great sounding board.

Individual Coaching

You will receive up to three hours of coaching with an accredited coach.The focus of your coaching will focus on your leadership development.
You coach will both support and both challenge you throughout your 8 month leadership journey.
Sessions are approximately up to an hour and can be face to face, telephone or via skype. You can organize this with your coach. All sessions are strictly confidential.


The webinar format enables maximum learning with minimum time out from your workplace.
Throughout your leadership journey you will have the chance to join with your colleagues interesting and useful webinars to further equip you as a leader.
You will have four leadership webinars:
1. Build your Change Leadership Capacity – Grace Leotta
2. Financial Planning for the Community Sector – Community Sector Banking
3. Leading an Ethical Team – Lesley Furneaux-Cook
4. Storytelling and Leadership – Lesley Furneaux-Cook
All webinars encourage participation and interaction but will also be recorded for your review at anytime.

Interactive Leadership Panel

The Interactive Leadership Panel will be made up of leadership experts and leaders from prominent sector organisations. The panel members will offer their insight into leadership.
Past leadership panelists include:
Dr Hilary Armstrong, Head of Practice, St James Ethics Centre
Andrew McCallum, ACWA (Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies)
Claire Robbs, CEO, Life Without Barriers.
Greg Bennett, Senior Manager Operations, AbSec.
Karen Willis, EO, Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia