Why Coaching?

Because it works!










[Author: Wellcoaches School of Coaching]


The coaching process seeks to maximise potential and in doing so unlocks unrealised sources of productivity and effectiveness. Dynamic and thought-inspiring, coaching seeks to elicit the confident pursuit of new ideas, directions, and alternative solutions with enhanced resilience for navigating complexity.


Coaching promotes the confidence and self-trust required for individuals to face the necessary challenges in meeting the demands of their role. Coaching recipients report improved confidence and work-life balance, enhanced communication and relationships.


The coaching relationship generates new learning and a clear plan for future action through commitment to measurable outcomes. Coaching can be an important career investment for individuals and offers significant return on investment for organisations.

At CCWT, we have a range of coaches with proven experience in the Community Service sector. Our in-house learning and development Senior Project Officer will work with you to allocate a coach with the experience and approach to meet your needs. CCWT can arrange packages of 3, 6, 9 or 12 Coaching sessions.

To enquire about CCWT’s coaching services, please use the contact form below and receive a response from CCWT's In-house Services Project Manager.

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