Organisational Development Consultancy

CCWT can support your organisational development initiatives through consultancy and facilitation - with services such as needs analysis, planning days, online learning, team building, change management consulting, coaching, supervision, capability development and career planning.

Organisational Development focuses on various aspects of organisational life that include culture, values, systems and behaviour. It aims to create workplaces that support both employees and the organisation as a whole to be healthy, effective and respond to change.

CCWT is able to consult with you to develop tailored solutions in the following areas:

  • Capability development – assisting staff to map out options and strategies for their career, enabling the organisation to manage talent effectively
  • Change management – planning and implementing change initiatives so that they are well received and achieve intended outcomes
  • e-learning – facilitating learning via online modules or webinars to build skills and knowledge, ‘just in time’
  • Evaluation – reviewing projects to identify lessons learnt and demonstrate benefits for improved future delivery
  • Leadership development – through coaching and workshops, enabling the management team to enhance their ability to take the organisation forward
  • Team building – helping teams to work cohesively and effectively, to deliver quality service and progress towards agreed goals
  • Planning – the facilitation of workshops to develop goals and strategies that align the organization towards effective service delivery
  • Training needs analysis – consulting, diagnosing and recommending options for professional development 
  • Wellbeing in the workplace – applying principles of self-care and resilience to the whole organisation, including individual coaching and external supervision

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Skills Check For Individuals and Teams - A Free Resource

In an environment of limited resources, it is imperative that professional development targets the right skills and staff using the most appropriate and impactful learning methods.  The Skills Check document is a quick and easy way to assess the required skills of an individual staff member or a team and to plan professional development activities.  Download the Skills Check for Individuals and Teams (PDF). If you would like to enquire about our organisational development services, please use the contact form below and receive a response from CCWT's In-house Services Project Manager.

Did you know that 70% of learning occurs on-the-job? Discover the 70:20:10 model to learn more.

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