Effective supervision is a vital ingredient in developing practice, realising potential, receiving support and promoting learning transfer. CCWT has a register of professional Supervisors with seasoned experience supporting frontline staff, case workers, case managers, project officers, clinicians, managers, executive and boards across key areas of the Community Services Sector including:

Our in-house learning and development Senior Project Officer will work with you to allocate a supervisor with the experience and approach to meet your needs. 

CCWT can arrange packages of 3, 6, 9 or 12 Supervision sessions. To support a range of locations and work hours, supervision can take place face-to-face, via skype, over the phone and during or outside of business hours.

To enquire about CCWT’s supervision services, please use the contact form below and receive a response from CCWT's In-house Services Project Manager.

Group supervision

In a group setting, participants discuss issues or key topics of their professional everyday lives, in order to explore for difficult/complex situations. 

The participants learn better ways to manage professional problems and reduce stress. 

This results in the group members’ increased professionalism within their work environments.  

The facilitator is responsible for the process, to ensure that everyone can participate, clarify issues, prompt discussion, and encourage reflection. 

They may also share experiences, promote best practice learnings and provide insights.

For the participants Group Supervision, offers:

  • New ideas for work life and new perspectives 
  • Reflection on management and work style
  • Empathy and support in difficult situations
  • Improvement of professional interaction with clients
  • Better exchange of knowledge between colleagues
  • Improvement of team cooperation and communication

For the organisation, it offers:

  • Opportunity for reflection and application to practice
  • Improvement of quality of work and consistency
  • Reasonable costs for professional development
  • Development of a shared supportive organisational culture