BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management



From the BSB07 Business Services Training Package

Is this course for me?

This nationally recognised qualification is for those who are or aim to be managers/supervisors in community sector organisations.

Why study through CCWT?

All our workshops and materials are designed for the community sector and delivered by experienced community sector trainers. We are also here to support you through this great journey.

What skills and knowledge will I expect to gain?

You will learn about leadership, emotional intelligence, policies, people management, teams, projects and plans.

How many units do I have to do?

There are twelve (12) units of competency needed to complete your Diploma. Four (4) of these units are core units and must be undertaken. The remaining 8 units can be selected from the 14 units that we offer.

How is it delivered?

This depends on your choice of unit. In most cases, your Diploma will be a mix of face-to-face workshops and distance kits.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the units you choose. 

Want to know more?

Download the application pack, which covers information on workshops, estimated completion time and cost options.

What if I have the skills but not the qualification?

If you believe that you have the skills and knowledge in some or all of the units, then you might want to consider Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

How can I do RPL to get my qualification?

There are two pathways:

1. The RPL Get Recognised Workshop

This is a 3 day intensive workshop + pre reading + homework. 70% of assessments are completed in the workshop. The 3 days are delivered in two blocks: 2 days together and a third day approximately 1 month later. The workshop covers 10 units, the remaining two are chosen from our list of electives.

2. RPL Portfolio

In this pathway you will need to collect evidence from your workplace to demonstrate your skills and knowledge or complete other assessment tasks.

What if I can’t do it all the units by RPL?

That’s ok too. You can do some units by RPL Portfolio and others by attending face-to-face workshops or completing distance kits.

How can I upgrade my old Diploma of Management?

If you already have a BSB51107 Diploma of Management, CCWT also offers two pathways to upgrade to the new BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management:

1. Learning Pathway

You will need to complete 4 core units. Download full information.

2. RPL Upgrade

CCWT offers a 1 day face to face workshop that covers 2 of the new core units. You will also need to select 2 elective units from the 14 CCWT has on offer. Download full information.

What’s next?

Talk over your pathway with Learning and Development Project Manager, Lesley Furneaux-Cook on 92818822 or