Policy, Research and Submissions

ACWA is an advocacy body committed to representing the rights of vulnerable children, young people and their families from early intervention through to open adoption and transitioning to adulthood.

For more than 50 years, ACWA's work has been particularly focused on out-of-home care and we continue to play an integral policy and advocacy role in this area.

The Child Protection Legislation Amendment Bill proclaimed on 29th October 2014 provides principles that guide the sector to consider a range of services from birth to young adulthood and reflect this in its structure. Permanency for children and the need to focus on the range of support available to children and families through early intervention, child protection, restoration, guardianship, open adoption, out-of-home care and transitioning to adulthood is reflected in the breadth of ACWA’s policy and advocacy.

As part of our advocacy work, ACWA produces discussion and position policy papers, and regularly responds to inquiries in relevant areas.


ACWA conducts research into key areas of policy and practice that affect the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families. Our main topics of research include out-of-home care, child protection and issues relating to child, youth and family wellbeing.

For more information about ACWA's research activities, please contact ACWA on (02) 9281 8822 or email acwa@acwa.asn.au.