ACWA Out-of-Home Care Capability Framework

ACWA’s Best Practice Unit has developed the Out-of-Home Care Capability Framework (NSW) as part of our response to the current changes and growth in the sector caused by legislative reform and the transition of OOHC services to non-government organisations. The aim is to give organisations that provide out of home care a structured system by which they can:

  • Identify skills required by staff to effectively carry out their work role.
  • Assess the existing skills of staff.
  • Assess and address areas of skills gaps in staff.
  • Plan professional development activities that will contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.

Capability Frameworks also have wider benefits beyond the individual staff member. They assist managers to understand the composition of their team and identify gaps in skills in the team, and they can be used as a tool in recruitment and performance management processes.

The capabilities address core elements of working in designated roles within the OOHC workforce.