Call for Journal Contributions Marking ACWA’s 60th Anniversary

This year ACWA is celebrating our 60th anniversary.

To mark the occasion we will be including a special feature in an upcoming edition of our developing practice journal and are seeking submissions by December 17 that can be included in the publication.

What is the purpose of the Anniversary feature?
The purpose of the feature will be to present a collection of short articles from the perspective of member agencies which focus on significant moments which have helped shape the sector.

Who can contribute?
All member agencies are invited to submit a piece for the feature.

What to write about?
What is regarded as a significant moment very much depends on you. Here are some questions that may help you:

  • Have there been specific legislative changes which you feel have had a significant impact on the child welfare sector?
  • Have there been any inquiries which have had a positive and lasting impact on the sector?
  • Do you think there has been any particular research conducted which has significantly contributed to the development and strength of the sector?
  • Have any particular resources been developed which have significantly impacted the sector (for example, have become widely used within the sector and raised the standard of work carried out within it)?
  • Have there been any other specific events or moments in the history of child welfare which you feel have helped shape the sector?

Please consider contributing to our Significant Moments feature. We welcome your insights.

If you have any queries about your piece please contact Libby McCalman:

How long does it have to be?
You may have a good deal to write about, or you may find you only have a paragraph or two. The length of your submission is up to you. However, if you find that you are going over 1,000 words please let us know.

How to submit an article?
Please email your completed piece to Dr Wendy Foote in the following way:

Email subject heading:      DP 60thAnniversary-Significant Moments
Email address:         
Deadline for submissions: December 17