CCWT Self-Care 1-day COORDINARE Workshop

How do we remain balanced and sustainable in the face of life’s ever-changing stresses? This highly interactive 1-day workshop focuses on developing knowledge, skills, strategies, and self-awareness to assist you to effectively navigate life’s pressures in a way that maintains and maximises your wellbeing.

Learning Objectives

During this training you will have opportunity:

  • Identify a range of self-care strategies
  • Examine how our brains trigger stress and anxiety reactions
  • Differentiate the impacts of compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary and vicarious traumatisation
  • Evaluate your own level of emotional awareness and its links to self-care
  • Practice challenging irrational or negative thinking
  • Examine the power of debriefing and the importance of protecting our boundaries
  1. Self-Care Inventory
  2. Defining Self-Care
  3. Stress
  4. How fears change the way the brain thinks
  5. Controlling Anxiety
  6. Burnout
  7. Vicarious or Secondary Trauma
  8. Compassion Fatigue
  9. Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
  10. Boundaries
  11. Self-Care and Time Management
  12. Debriefing
  13. Challenging Irrational Thinking
  14. Additional Strategies