COVID-19 Resources Clearinghouse

Welcome to ACWA’s COVID-19 Clearinghouse. We’ve collated this selection of practical resources that may support your work with children, young people and families in the current pandemic environment. Click on the links below:

Practice resources for frontline workers

Parenting Research Centre: Telepractice Hub
Safeguarding children during COVID-19: Practice Tools
Family Time: Tips for using video chats
Home visits during the COVID-19 pandemic
Case planning during the COVID-19 pandemic
Family time during the COVID-19 pandemic
Fact sheet: Supporting children and families through the restoration process
Fact sheet: Talking to children and families about COVID-19
Resources for DFV Agencies wanting to use technology
COVID-19: Online safety help for domestic and family violence workers
COVID-19 professional advice for health visiting
What works when early intervention goes virtual?
Working with young people in a residential care setting: Guidelines, training & fact sheets
Training and assessing prospective carers during COVID-19
Leaving care and aftercare resources for caseworkers
How do you do good leaving care planning during COVID-19?
Practical Guidance for Virtual Home Visits
Life Story Workbook: Covid-19 and Me 2020
Helping children in care stay in contact with their birth families during COVID-19

Resources for parents, carers, children & young people

Supporting children during the COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 Family Guide
eSafety Commissioner: Online safety guide for parents and carers
Help and support if you're in care
Information for young people affected by COVID-19 related stress
Supporting your teen during coronavirus
COVIBOOK: A child friendly explanation of coronavirus
COVID FAQS for young people in care
Digital Lunch Break
Family Time: From a distance without technology
Social and online games for children and families
Conversation starters for children and families
NSW Children's Guardian tips for keeping children safe online
Exploring COVID-19 from a child’s point of view
Staying Active during COVID-19
Playgroup at Home Facebook Page
Podcast: Parenting in a Pandemic
MyAus Covid-19 app for culturally and linguistically diverse communities
Tresilian SleepWellBaby app
Resources to support learning from home
Triple P Guide: Supporting health relationships and managing disagreements during COVID-19 – NEW
HUGS need some help: A free resource for children still in lockdown – NEW

Workplace resources & webinars to watch

Fundamentals of infection prevention and control: Online training module
The seven steps every workplace should follow if someone shows symptoms for coronavirus
Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws
Charities Crisis Cabinet
COVID-19, charities and NFPs: ACNC/ATO
An Enterprise Approach for Protecting People and Operations during COVID-19: Aon Insurance
The impact of COVID-19 on employers’ WHS obligations
Impact 2020: Free daily webinars presented by the Centre for Social Impact
Families in Focus Webinar Series
Emergency Support Volunteering website
COVID-19 Return to Work Guidelines
Workplace Consultation: Best Practice
Hosting your AGM in a COVID-19 world: New free app for NFP
Damn good advice on creating a COVID-19-safe workplace: A guide for NFP boards and managers – NEW
Working arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic: Employer resource kit – NEW

Research & reports

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on out of Home Care in Australia: Ernst & Young
Impact of COVID-19 on Women and Children Experiencing DFV and Frontline DFV Service: Women’s Safety NSW
COVID-19: How are young people from multicultural backgrounds are faring? MYAN NSW
Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery Briefing: ACOSS
COVID-19 Community Sector Impact Study: Our Community
Early findings from Families in Australia Survey: Life during COVID-19
COVID-19 research call for domestic violence workers: UNSW – NEW

If you have any COVID-related feedback or matters that you would like ACWA to address, please email us:

Please also keep checking our COVID-19 Information Hub for the latest information and advice on issues critical to the sector.

Visit NSW Health for COVID-19 health advice.