Cyber Security and Digital Skills

Conversations with our member agencies and service providers have highlighted the need for a higher level of digital skills in our workforce. This page provides you with links to tools, modules and other resources that you can use to upskill your team.

DCJ Information Security Forum for ACWA Members

March 28th
2.30 – 4pm online

The security of our information systems has been under an increased level of public scrutiny lately and there have been breaches of privacy in not-for-profit organisations, adding an extra layer of stress for our clients.

The DCJ Capability and Practice team will be the main speakers at this forum. During the presentation you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the cyber security landscape
  • Knowledge of simple strategies to implement that increase individual worker and organisational cyber security
  • Provide some useful cyber security resources

DCJ’s presentation will be followed by speakers who will provide you with further strategies and resources. This forum is free and we look forward to seeing you there.

To register email the DCJ Capability and Practice mailbox at least 7 days prior to the webinar.
You will be sent an invitation by MS teams to your email address as soon as you register your interest to attend.

Do you feel that your team could have better digital skills but aren't sure exactly what they should be able to do?

The Australian Digital Capability Framework organises 21 components of digital capability into five digital focus areas and describes how these capabilities are demonstrated by our workforce at different proficiency levels. While this Framework was written specifically for VET sector educators, you can also use this tool to identify the skills that your team needs, and then assess each team member to pinpoint areas where additional training and support might be needed.

This document is an
explanation of the
Framework and the
five focus areas.

Free Online Learning Modules

These three modules cover the basic concepts in online security.

Online security fundamentals

How to protect your data

How to protect yourself against phishing attacks

Infoxchange is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been delivering technology for social justice for over 30 years. Their products and services support non-profit organisations to improve efficiency and deliver greater impact – from nation-wide service coordination systems to IT advice for individual organisations. This makes them a useful place to start for non-profits looking for advice, training, resources and support.

You can access the Infoxchange website here.

One aspect of Infoxchange’s work is the Digital Transformation Hub. As part of the Hub, InfoXchange partners with Connecting Up and TechSoup to provide a range of courses and written guides for non-profit organisations. Many of the courses are online, self paced modules at low cost (eg $10–$15).

You can access the Digital Transformation Hub here.