Developing the Skills and Talents of Your Team

Have you started thinking about professional development opportunities for your team in 2019?

Making sure that your staff have the skills they need to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients can often be a time consuming and expensive business.

Below are three options that may prove useful for community service organisations looking to access free training for their staff:

  1. The FACS-sponsored NGO Learning Centre has a range of online modules that can provide staff with an introduction or refresher into topics such as out-of-home care legislation fundamentals, making effective referrals, child protection reporting and supporting young carers. There is also an extensive list of resources that can be downloaded. This hub is great place to start with training staff.
  2. If you are unsure about the skills and training requirements of your staff, simply request a needs analysis conversation with a CCWT specialist who will guide you through a series of questions to help uncover training needs in your team and make suggestions as to how you can meet those needs. This is a free, no obligation process.
  3. The NSW Department of Industry funds partial qualifications in areas of need if your organisation can prove there is a skills gap that can be met with a small group of units of competency from a qualification, and if certain entry criteria can be met. As an example, CCWT is currently involved in upskilling a group of new team leaders from a disability organisation with three units of competency from the Diploma of Leadership and Management.

For further information on any of these options please email CCWT Director Linda Watson: