End of Year Training Opportunities at CCWT

If you’re looking to squeeze in some professional training before year’s end, why not consider the following CCWT offerings:

Community Engagement and Consultation
Date: 30 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Grace Leotta
Target Group: Workers and managers who undertake community engagement and consultation

Apply community engagement best practice to plan, facilitate and evaluate engagement processes, and learn innovative processes that reach people who are difficult to reach.

Financial Reports for Not-for-Profit Boards of Management
Date: 31 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Kirsten Forrester
Target Group: Members of Management Committees or Boards who have not had financial or accounting training, and who want to be confident and fearless when discussing the financials of their organisation with other board members and staff

This workshop discusses the concepts underlying financial management in not-for-profit organisations and ensures participants understand how to read the essential reports of performance, balance sheet and cashflow. Understanding financial reports keeps organisations safe from error and fraud and directors protecting against insolvency and achieving strategy.

Writing Case-Notes and Documentation
Date: 1 November
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Lane Blume
Target Group: Open

Learn structured ways to ensure that your case-notes and documentation are clear, useful and consistent, and will hold up to scrutiny.

Advanced Applications in Narrative Therapy #2: Re-authoring Lives and Thickening Preferred Ways of Being
Date: 1 November
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Adrian van den Bok
Target Group: Workers providing counselling services who have some familiarity with Narrative Therapy. It is recommended but not a prerequisite to have attended Narrative Therapy Advanced Applications Part 1 before registering in Part 2.

For clients, translating insights and good intentions into effective, sustained action is often difficult. This workshop explores Narrative Therapy’s rich repertoire of ways to initiate change and consolidate steps in a preferred direction.

Caseworker Training – Working with Young People
Date: 2 November (1/2 day)
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: CREATE Foundation
Target Group: Caseworkers, youth workers, social workers, support workers

This caseworker training is facilitated by CREATE staff and young consultants. The aim of this training is to build the knowledge and skills of caseworkers and social workers so they can better understand the needs of young people in care. It also helps them engage in a positive and constructive way in case planning and case support.

Disability and Communication: Connecting and Respecting
Date: 2 November
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Janie Roberts
Target Group: Workers in the disability sector, social workers, caseworkers and counsellors

This workshop will extend your communication skills and give you more confidence to assist people with disability through creative, experiential and interactive processes.

Staying Current in Child Protection
Date: 2 November
Venue: Campbelltown
Presenter: Terry Georgeson
Target Group: Staff who have previously completed Identify and Respond training, those who are new to NSW and needing to learn about NSW legislation, and supervisors of Mandatory Reporters

A refresher for staff who have previously completed the two day Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk. Also customised for workplaces so staff can reflect and build on their current child protection policies and practice.

Supporting End of Life Care through Compassionate Listening and Mindfulness
Date: 3 November
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Beate Steller
Target Group: Anyone who is working with older people or clients that are facing life threatening illnesses

At End of Life Care it is not ‘fixing’ of clients, but ‘being’ with them through compassionate presence that can provide meaningful support. Principles of palliative care, skills and resources will be presented.

Project Management
Date: 6 November
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Grace Leotta
Target Group: Workers who participate in or manage projects

Learn a project planning and management process, core skills for managing, working on and evaluating projects, and take away useful tools to use in your projects.

Everybody Hurts Sometimes – Anger Management Tools and Strategies for Young People
Date: 6 November
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Phil Nunn
Target Group: Anyone working with angry adolescents including youth workers, counsellors and teachers

Learn about anger and explore approaches to anger management in adolescents. Understand anger and adolescent development, the physiology of anger, mental health issues, disorders, disabilities and risk taking. Learn a range of practical tools and strategies to help manage anger.

Double Whammy – Co-occurring Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug Disorders
Date: 7, 8 November
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Mandy Marsters
Target Group: Workers in the community services sector, including managers and team leaders

Do you feel daunted by the complexity of challenges that clients experiencing these disorders face? Through presentation of information, discussion and experiential activities you will gain knowledge and skills and increase your confidence to provide effective services for this client group.

Introduction to Social Media for the Community Services Sector
Date: 8 November (1/2 day)
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Liz Potten
Target Group: Anyone interested in exploring the use of social media for their organisation, including managers and workers

This session assumes no prior social media knowledge and aims to build a foundation of understanding about the ways that social media can be leveraged effectively as a tool for the community services sector.

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