Foster Carer Training Package Gets a Revamp

Since 2000, prospective foster carers have been attending ‘Shared Stories, Shared Lives’ training, which was developed by ACWA and FACS. However all that is set to change, with the package undergoing a major revamp to ensure it continues to meet the existing and emerging skills needs of the changing out-of-home care sector.

Over the past six months ACWA and FACS have been working together to revise the training to create a new two-part structure that incorporates the latest research on understanding developmental trauma and repair parenting.

The new training package, ‘Shared Lives’, also includes a much stronger emphasis on carers developing positive working relationships with parents and families and the different permanency pathways for children.

A total 41 staff from 16 different NGOs and three FACS offices across NSW are currently trialling the new material.

Shared Lives 2017 will be available from August and will be supported by CCWT training, with two pathways to access the new carer training package:

If you have any questions or queries please contact members of ACWA’s Carer Assessment Resources Team, Louise Mulroney or Jo Roach, on 02 9281 8822.