Free Online Courses

These free online courses are available to support staff who work with children, young people and/or their families.

They were developed by CCWT with input from the Department of Communities and Justice (formerly known as the Department of Family and Community Services).

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Engaging with Clients
These are the four online courses in the Engaging with Clients series that aim to answer the question of how you can build effective relationships with your clients:
• Building Effective Work Relationships with Clients
• Building Engagement with Clients with Complex Needs
• Cultural Competency and Effective Engagement with Aboriginal Clients
• Cultural Competency and Effective Engagement with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Clients

Sexual Behaviour in Children and Young People
This course will give you an overview of a useful framework to help you to identify whether sexual behaviour in children and young people is normal or concerning. You will also learn how to respond to behaviour that is of concern.

Identifying and Responding to Domestic and Family Violence
In this course you will learn about the impacts and indicators of domestic and family violence. You will also learn about how to provide support to clients who are experiencing domestic and family violence.

Making Effective Referrals
This course covers a range of topics including identifying when you need to refer a client, referral options and how to improve referral outcomes.

Signs of Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Withdrawal
Undertake this course to learn how to identify different drug types and their effects, as well as the factors that may affect a person’s experience of a drug. This course also covers the signs of withdrawal and how to work with clients who have problematic alcohol and/or other drug use.

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Enrolment Key: fams

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Self Paced Learner Guides

These Self Paced Learner Guides contain an overview of the topic. As they were originally developed to support our students as they progressed through qualifications and were designed to be used with a range of other learning materials, they may not cover everything that you might be expecting in the topic but are a useful introduction.

If you find these Guides interesting or would like to know more about a topic, think about registering for one of CCWT's Distance Kits. These come with the opportunity to complete an assessment and gain a nationally recognised unit of competency. You may even decide to work towards a qualification.

Client Assessment
Communication and Group Work Basics
Community Work Principles
Human Development Theories
Making Referrals

Plan Your Learning (opens a new window)—is an online self-paced short course to help you Identify your needs, Choose your course(s), Get underway, with links to our Learning resources available online.