Important Information from FACS: Transition of Children and Young People to PSP Service Packages

As agencies would be aware, on 1 October 2017 FACS entered into new contracting arrangements with non-government permanency and out-of-home care service providers. Commencing from 1 July 2018, the new Permanency Support Program funding model will be fully operational and FACS will use ChildStory, rather than the Interim Payment System, to make automatic payments to service providers.

To enable accurate payments, service providers will need to advise FACS of the proposed service packages for each child in their care by 1 April 2018.

Service providers will need to complete a spread sheet so that FACS can collect and verify the information it needs to update ChildStory and enable the transition of children to new PSP service packages. The children on the verification spreadsheet are those that were recorded in the monthly actuals process as at 7 February 2018. Space will be provided to add any additional children case managed by service providers at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

FACS has prepared four documents to assist service providers with this process:

Transition of children and young people to PSP – Factsheet for NGOs
Supporting Permanency – A practice resource to support the transition of children and young people to PSP
Eligibility criteria for PSP service packages – Fact Sheet for NGOs
Aboriginal Care Review – NGO Client Information Checklist

In summary:

  • Service providers will need to provide an indication of, or confirm the proposed packages for each child on the spreadsheet, including the case plan goal (restoration, guardianship, open adoption or long term care), specialist and child needs packages.
  • Case coordination and complex needs are not included in this process. FACS will provide more information about the application and approval process for these packages over the coming months.
  • Service providers are not expected to complete a case review for each child and these should be conducted in line with regular case planning for the child noting the minimum review periods under the PSP.
  • FACS contract managers will be the central contact point within FACS throughout this process.
  • Service providers will work with their FACS contract managers to develop a process that ensures both parties support any changes to case plan goals.
  • Service providers will have until 1 April 2018 to return the verified spreadsheet to the FACS Contract Manager.