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Embark on a Transformative Journey with the ACWA Industry Placement Program

Ready to Transform Your Passion into Action?

Find out more about the Industry Placement Programs Placement Development Program [PDP] and Placement Supervisor Coaching [PSC] in the tabs below and also can learn more through the recordered webinar. This is where your career path as a social worker begins!

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Intro to IPP Webinar

Click on the link to view the IPP Webinar .pptx slides and the live webinar held on Tuesday 26th March.

Unlock Your Potential in Child & Family Social Work

Are you a social work student ready to translate your academic knowledge into impactful practice? Dive into the heart of the Child and Family sector with the Association of Children's Welfare Agencies (ACWA) IPP, designed to grow the next generation of social work professionals.

What is the IPP?

  • The IPP by ACWA is a strategic initiative aimed at providing final year Social Work students and Masters of Social Work (Professional Qualifying) students with over 120 significant placement opportunities in both rural and urban settings, with significant development opportunities.
  • With this program ACWA has partnered with 6 universities and 12 agencies in New South Wales, streamlining the placement process, offering comprehensive support including milestone planning, induction, and professional development through the PDP in the Child and Family Practice.
  • This program is designed to enhance your field placement experience, connect you with the industry, and prepare you for a successful career in social work.

Why Choose ACWA's IPP?

Strategic Industry Collaboration
To obtain unrivalled access to the Child and Family sector and collaborate with top organisations. We make sure you're not simply a student but a member of a movement that is reshaping the field of social work thanks to our distinctive industry approach.

Comprehensive Support Framework
The Placement Development Program (PDP) will provide you with a range of tools to improve your educational experience and make sure you're ready and supported during your placement.

Engagement and Retention
Our goal is to instil a lifelong dedication to social work, in addition to acquainting you with the industry. Your journey with ACWA is only getting started, with a wealth of learning opportunities and post-placement contacts available.

Your Pathway to Professional Excellence


Start with a Strong Foundation
Kick off your placement with an induction that lays out the landscape of the Child and Family sector, setting the stage for a rewarding experience.

Develop with Dedicated Programs
Engage in a rolling PDP covering crucial topics like sector expectations, legal frameworks, and navigating challenging interactions, all designed to build your competence and confidence.

Realise Your Potential with ACWA

Direct Industry Exposure
Gain firsthand experience in the industry by collaborating directly with top organisations and learning from their strengths based, trauma informed approaches to social work practice.

Cultivate Relationships
Form enduring bonds with peers and professionals to establish a network of support that goes beyond your location.

Celebrate Your Journey
Wrap up your placement with an end-of-placement symposium where you will hear from senior executives in the sector and share your knowledge and experience from your placement.

Empowering You for a Brighter Future

Meeting AASW Standards
You can be confident that your placement satisfies the highest academic requirements and is overseen by seasoned social workers who are committed to your development.

Constant Learning
Take advantage of chances to receive additional training from ACWA to improve your abilities to work in the Child and Family sector.

A Commitment to Excellence
The ACWA Industry Placement Programme is designed to develop the next generation of social work leaders, not only place them.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Social Work

With the ACWA Industry Placement Programme, you may pursue your love for social work and take advantage of unmatched chances for personal and professional development. Let's work together to improve the lives of families and children.

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