Leading With Impact: Online Learning Sessions for Leaders Navigating the ‘New Normal’

CCWT, in conjunction with Pure Magic International Business Solutions, is pleased to present this exciting new series of 90-minute online learning sessions that will empower leaders to steer their teams through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Presented by International Leadership and Team Development Specialist and Executive Coach, Caryn Walsh, leaders will emerge from these sessions with a range of strategies and techniques for building workplace resilience and endurance, and the confidence to tackle the ‘new normal’.

Commencing September 23, you can choose to participate in the following individual sessions, or purchase the complete series to obtain your bulk discount.

Our information flyer has the full run-down of dates, times, session descriptions and prices.

For enquiries, please contact our CCWT team: ccwt@ccwt.edu.au or 02 9281 8822