New CEO appointed to Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies

The Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA) is proud to announce the appointment of MAREE WALK as our new Chief Executive Officer.

Maree brings over 30 years of experience in the child and family area, with a proven track record of leadership and accomplishment. Maree has worked as Chief Executive, Community services and as a Deputy Secretary in the family and community department (now DCJ, then FaCS) as well as leading operations in The Benevolent Society, a non-government organisation. She has experience on national and state boards regarding community and family support—especially for the most vulnerable.

‘I am honoured to take up the role of CEO of this terrific organisation,’ said Maree. ‘Our members—child and family agencies in the community—are providing essential and dynamic services caring for children and families. They’re always looking to improve and innovate.’

“We have a big agenda—our new strategic plan involving our members, a big focus on carers and transferring children to Aboriginal agencies. Also on our agenda is working closely with DCJ, the statutory agency—supporting it to fulfil its mandate in working with families where children are reported as being at risk of harm, and also working on the contracting system to improve effectiveness and reduce inefficiencies for all.’

‘I’m looking forward to leading trusting partnerships between government and non-government agencies because you can’t deliver great services unless you all work together.’

Nigel Lindsay, ACWA Chair, added, "I am delighted to welcome Maree to ACWA. Maree's expertise and passion for children and families will be invaluable in driving our work forward."