New Permanency Case Management Policy

Following consultation both with NGOs and internally at FACS, a new permanency case management policy, rules and practice guidance are now available, supporting the objectives of the Permanency Support Program (PSP).

The policy has been redesigned to bring together permanency pathways, programs and service models across the continuum of care. This includes early intervention and family preservation, restoration, guardianship, open adoption (for non-Aboriginal children and young people), and statutory care.

An Aboriginal case management policy and guidelines is also under development and will be available soon. The Aboriginal case management policy will include principles for all practitioners working with Aboriginal children, young people and families across the continuum of care in NSW, as identified by Aboriginal people.

Together, the Permanency and Aboriginal Case Management Policies aim to promote a tailored approach to case management that commences early in the continuum of care, and empowers and supports families and communities.

FACS will keep the sector informed as additions are made to the policy, and will invite NGO practitioners to oversee implementation and identify opportunities for improvement.