OOHC Providers and Young People Invited to Participate in Upcoming National Youth Commission Public Hearings

The National Youth Commission (NYC) will be in Sydney from October 28 to November 14 to host a series of public hearings as part of its two-year National Inquiry into Youth Employment and Transitions.

The public hearings will be held in four locations across Greater Sydney on the following dates:

Sydney CBD: October 28-31
Parramatta: November 4-6
Penrith: November 11-12
Liverpool: November: 13-14

The Commission is particularly eager to hear from ACWA member agencies, and the young people they work with, about the issues young people face in entering the workforce, including how well the education system prepares them for employment.

Parallel to the public hearings, the NYC is also planning to run a number of Focus Groups during this period with different stakeholders, such as young people, students, teachers, employers, caseworkers, carers and parents.

If your organisation, or any of the young people you work with, are interested in contributing to this inquiry, either by presenting at one of the public hearings or as part of a Focus Group, please contact Keith Waters at the NYC: keith.waters@nycinquiry.org.au or book via: nycinquiry.org.au/public-hearings-booking/

ACWA would also like to keep track of our member agencies that are planning to participate. You can keep us updated by emailing: padraig@acwa.asn.au