Opportunity for Reform to Protect Aboriginal Children in Upcoming Budget

ACWA has joined a collective of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations who are calling on the NSW Government, ahead of next week’s Budget, to address the over-representation of Aboriginal children in the child protection system.

The AbSec-led campaign comes one year after the release of the findings of the Family is Culture review, which examined the high rates of Aboriginal children and young people in out-of-home care in NSW.

ACWA CEO, Steve Kinmond, says:

“The Family is Culture report offers important guidance for reform to address the unacceptable over-representation of Aboriginal children and young people in care in NSW.

"In order to deliver real reform in this area, ACWA supports AbSec’s call on the Government to make the required system changes and to provide related funding enhancements.

"ACWA also acknowledges AbSec’s desire to see an emphasis on embedding the principle of Aboriginal self determination - which is already enshrined in the legislation - into the child protection policy and practice landscape across both NSW and the nation.”

 You can read a copy of the joint media release here.