Revised Joint Protocol Now Available

The Joint Protocol to reduce contact of young people in residential care with the criminal justice system has been revised to reflect changes to the service system since it was originally introduced in 2016.

The latest edition, which can be downloaded here, has also undergone a design refresh.

The Joint Protocol was prepared by the NSW Ombudsman based on extensive consultation with relevant government and non-government stakeholders, including members of ACWA’s Residential Care Providers Network.

It contains guidance and strategies to help residential and Intensive Therapeutic Care (ITC) service staff manage young people’s behaviour, including steps they should follow when determining whether a call for police assistance is necessary. It also sets out how local police will work with service providers when responding to incidents that do occur.

ACWA is a co-chair, with the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), of the Statewide Joint Protocol Steering Committee, which oversees and reviews the implementation of the Joint Protocol.

A free introduction training module has been developed for all residential and ITC service staff, which is available on ACWA’s website.