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What’s on?

Sector events

May 16-19: ACRC's 67th Annual International Conference | The Association of Children’s Residential and Community Services (ACRC)
May 23: FACSIAR Lunch and Learn | Family time: Supporting positive and lasting connections for children in care
May 23: SNAICC Lunchtime Webinar | Safe and Supported: The National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children
NEW May 29: NCOSS | Mapping Economic Disadvantage in NSW Zoom Workshop
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS June 4: The Evidence and Implementation Summit 2023 (EIS) | 9–11 October
June 6-8: The International Congress of Evidence-based Parenting Support (I-CEPS) 2023
June 8: Mackillop Family Services and the University of Melbourne Public Lecture by Professor Simon Hackett (Professor of Child Abuse and Neglect at Durham University (UK)) | Have we gone too far in our responses to harmful sexual behaviour in childhood, or not far enough? Guide ropes for ensuring that the best interests of all children, young people and families are met
June 15–16: Home Stretch Symposium | Focus on the implementation of the extended care to 21years reform across Australia #makeit21
July 17–18: 2023 National Aboriginal Wellbeing Conference | Our Journey Through Story Telling
September 5-7: SNAICC Conference 2023 | Join the mailing list

Focus Group Invitation
Do you work in the Permanency Support Program in NSW?
If so, we invite you to an online focus group about the new Permanency Practice Framework, funded by DCJ and designed for non-government practitioners working towards case plan goals of restoration or guardianship for Aboriginal children in care and case plan goals of restoration, guardianship or open adoption for non-Indigenous children in care. Click here to find out more.

Joint DCJ/NGO Collaborative Practice Forum series
In mid-2022, ACWA prepared a paper for the DCJ Secretary focused on specific service system issues that warrant joint collaborative work across the sector.

The paper suggested that a starting point for this work could be hosting a series of forums focusing on settling the major systems issues which both DCJ and PSP providers agree should be the subject of joint work during the term of the new PSP contracting period, and exploring the type of governance arrangements needed to drive this work. (Click here to read the paper which outlines the full list of systems issues which will be the subject of joint work.)


CAPS E-learning Modules
‘Short bite’ focus sessions on key child protection topics including child sexual abuse, neglect, and domestic and family violence. These courses have been designed both for the general population and people who may have contact with children in their work.
Click here for more information on each of these modules. Click here to access the training.

CCWT Short Courses and Qualifications
Joint Protocol e-learning series for residential out-of-home care workers

Resources, research and reports

Resources for caseworkers 

Collaborative Practice in Child Wellbeing and Protection: NSW Interagency Guidelines for Practitioners 2021
Keeping connected with video chats
PSP Learning Hub: Legal resources
Reframing Children’s Mental Health – a communications toolkit
Resource will help reduce prejudice against parents with intellectual disability: Research Centre for Children and Families

Taking the journey toward a trauma-informed approach to Family Time
Telepractice Hub

For parents, carers & kids

Learning how to parent when you weren’t parented well yourself – a podcast from Emerging Minds
Department of Education and Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA): easy-to-use, co-designed resources to help young people with disability and their parents and caregivers understand their rights under the Disability Standards for Education 2005
Life Without Barriers and Joblife Employment: Young People’s Employment Pathways (YPEP) flyer
AbSec Video: Keep our mob safe, get vaccinated
Feeling safe – a beautiful picture book for young children about feeling safe
The University of Sydney Research Centre for Children and Families (RCCF): My Family Time is Mine by Bobby Hendry
The University of Sydney Research Centre for Children and Families (RCCF): Roar by Billy Black
Thoughtful Parenting Kit
Wiradjuri language children’s workbooks: Volume 1 | Volume 2

For organisations


ReachOut Parents/Carers Research
Do you care for a teenager or young person? ReachOut is surveying parents and carers so that we can learn about the concerns and challenges you face around the mental health and wellbeing of young people in your care. This research will help services learn more about what matters to you. It will also help ReachOut and other services to provide better help and support to young people and their parents/carers. If you take part in this survey, you will also have the chance to win one of 25 x $100 gift vouchers.

Caseworkers’ Communication with Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care and their Caregivers
Children involved with NSW child protection services before five years of age
Cultural Identity, Community and Family Connections: Aboriginal Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care
Developmental Outcomes: Children and Young People who have Experienced Out-of-Home Care—POCLS Evidence to Action Note #8
Developmental Outcomes: Aboriginal Children and Young People who have Experienced Out-of-Home Care—POCLS Evidence to Action Note #9
Developmental Outcomes of Children and Young People in Relative Kinship Care and Foster Care
Educational Outcomes of Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care
Evidence Review of Permanency Practices
Factors influencing therapy use following a disclosure of child sexual abuse
Identifying the best strategies for effective client engagement in commissioning of government services
Influence of Placement Stability on Developmental Outcomes of Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care 
Placement Stability: Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care
Rates of therapy use following a disclosure of child sexual abuse
The impact of COVID-19 on child mental health and service barriers: The perspective of parents – August 2021
The impact of COVID-19 on the risk of online child sexual exploitation and the implications for child protection and policing
What is the relationship between childhood maltreatment and early educational outcomes? Findings from the NSW Child Development Study—October 2021—Evidence to Action Note


NEW My Forever Family NSW Carer Survey 2022 | Report of Findings
NEW The prevalence and impact of child maltreatment in Australia: Findings from the Australian Child Maltreatment Study | 2023 Brief report
ACYP Voices of Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care report
Birth family contact: What are the views of children and young people in out-of-home care?
Child Protection Australia 2020-21
Children and Youth Reported Missing from Out-of-Home Care in Australia
Impact of maternal age on children coming into contact with the child protection system
Leaving care planning: What are the views of young people in out-of-home care?
More care required: An analysis of leaving care support in New South Wales in 2021

Out of sight: Systemic inquiry into children and young people who are absent or missing from residential care
Participation in decision making: What are the views of children and young people in out-of-home care?
The Social Sector in NSW: Capitalising on the Potential for Growth
Transitioning to Adulthood from Out-of-Home Care: Independence or Interdependence?

Webinar recordings

In Discussion with Disability Advocates: Every Child
Out-of-home care through the lens of attachment theory: NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care
s.170 Sector Records Management Forum: Department of Communities and Justice (click here for presentation slides)
Streamlining Administrative Process Workshop: Q&A for PSP providersDepartment of Communities and Justice
The digital divide and remote service delivery: CFCA
Practice and Policy Strategies for Permanency Planning: Research Centre for Children and Families and Association of Children's Welfare Agencies (ACWA)

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Career opportunities

Visit NCOSS Community Jobs to view the latest employment opportunities in the NSW community services sector.

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