Step by Step Training and Assessment Tools

Step by Step is a suite of training and assessment tools produced by ACWA for the out-of-home care context. It is necessary to participate in ACWA endorsed training to be able to use the tools.

Current range of tools

Pre-authorisation training for carers

Shared Lives for foster carers
Shared Lives for relative or kinship carers

Assessment of carers

Foster Care Assessment Tool
Relative and Kinship Assessment Tool
Guardianship Assessment Tool
Child-Carer Matching Tool
Carer Review Tool

See a video about how the current edition of assessment tools were developed.

Assessment of parents

Parent Assessment for Restoration Tool

How to become a registered Step by Step assessor

Inexperienced carer assessors can click here.

Experienced carers assessors must evidence existing assessment skills by providing two previously completed carer assessment reports, before completing a Step by Step Familiarisation course. Reports can be foster care, relative or kinship care, guardianship, or adoption.

For more information and costs, contact Louise Mulroney, Jo Roach or Tracie Fleming.

Criteria for Step by Step Registration

This link provides information about the criteria for Step by Step Registration.

Accessing the Step by Step Assessment Report Templates

Registered users should refer to access instructions contained in your Registration Confirmation email, sent from