Take Advantage of CCWT’s Professional Development Opportunities

CCWT offers a wide range of training topics to support the professional development of welfare sector workers. Whether you are new to the sector or have years of experience behind you, we guarantee that we have a workshop for you! Here’s what CCWT has on the calendar for October:

A Manager’s Guide to Suicide Response
Date: 5 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Beate Steller
Target Group: Managers and coordinators, policy developers

This course will outline key strategies needed to ensure the tragic loss of suicide is addressed in the most effective and compassionate way to ensure no further lives are lost.

From Birth Onwards – Caring for Babies in the Early Months
Date: 6 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Terry Georgeson
Target Group: Family support workers and caseworkers working with those caring for new babies

Supporting parents and carers in caring for babies in the early months sets a pattern for building a trusting relationship and secure attachment.

Working with Anxiety Disorders
Date: 10, 11 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Felicity Rea
Target Group: Experienced staff working therapeutically with clients

Anxiety disorders are among the most prevalent mental health problems in Australia. This workshop covers frameworks for understanding anxiety disorders in DSM-IV and DSM-V, core features and evidence-based treatments.

Crisis Intervention and Management
Date: 10 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Philip Hilder
Target Group: Managers, counsellors and caseworkers

Everyone is vulnerable to a crisis. We typically respond to matters of crisis by finding newfound resilience, or we block out the hurtful experience, or we breakdown. This training aims to support resilience, and effective crisis management and intervention skills.

Assessment and Referral Skills
Date: 11 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Saul Nightingale
Target Group: Any worker providing direct support/services to clients

A poor assessment can have serious consequences and can even retraumatise a person. A good assessment is made up of many things; trust, communication, safety and good decision-making. A great assessment requires a little bit more. Explore what it takes to make an authentic person-centered assessment that has a positive impact. Explore the process behind an effective referral and identify the support services statewide that are available for referral.

Applying a Trauma Informed Approach
Date: 12 October
Venue: Newcastle
Presenter: Mirna Tarabay
Target Group: Open

Learn about the impacts of trauma, particularly complex trauma, and discuss strategies to work more effectively with trauma survivors, including strategies for the individual worker and the service system.

Child Protection – Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk
Date: 12, 13 October
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Terry Georgeson
Target Group: Mandatory reporters (including those who manage mandatory reporters)

Essential training for mandatory reporters, covering updated child protection legislation and its application when delivering services to children and/or their families.

Understanding and Responding to Domestic Violence
Date: 13 October
Venue: Dubbo
Presenter: Donna Bevan
Target Group: Open

All of us working in the social welfare, children’s, AOD, health and education sectors need to be able to identify and screen for DV, understand the dynamics, the potential impacts, and be able to utilise good practice and safe responses.

Don’t forget to regularly visit CCWT’s website to find courses that are just right for you or your organisation.  If you are looking for training that is tailored to the needs of your team, contact our In-House department at inhouse@acwa.asn.au. CCWT also offers coaching, mentoring, supervision and other organisational development services.