Taking the Mystery Out of Restoration Work

A new addition to CCWT’s training calendar this year is a two-day workshop that offers a practice-based view of restoration. Presenter Ross Smith explains further:

Deciding on the restoration of children can be one of the hardest judgments that managers and workers need to make.

The new Successful Restorations workshop focuses on how we, as professionals, make decisions and what factors impact upon our decision-making.

It is based on:

  • Real life practice within the field
  • Recent qualitative research of a successful restoration program
  • Looking at what has worked with children and their families
  • Those factors that led to unsuccessful restorations
  • Identifying strengths within the family
  • Approaches with Aboriginal families
  • Working with single fathers.

This workshop is not about theoretical frameworks, but instead provides practical guidance and will focus on finding the best outcomes for children.

We will use case studies and allow time for participants to develop their own thinking around their restoration cases.

We all know that making informed restoration decisions will significantly impact on the futures of children in out-of-home care, and these two days will challenge participants.

We need to get it right.

Ross will be presenting Successful Restorations at CCWT’s Sydney office on May 30 and 31.