Training Solutions for the Welfare Sector

CCWT’s Training Calendar is jam packed with valuable training opportunities for human sector professionals. It contains something for everyone, from child protection, out-of-home care and family caseworkers to youth workers, counsellors, managers and the range of other professionals who support the work of our sector.

Make sure to check out our website to find a workshop that is right for you. But in the meantime, here’s a taste of what CCWT has coming your way in August-September:

Using Narrative Therapy to Respond to Domestic and Family Violence
Date: 29, 30 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Loretta Pederson
Target Group: Workers providing support to people who have experienced domestic and family violence

This workshop offers practical responses to the impact of violence, supporting clients to tell their stories in strengthening rather than re-traumatising ways. Ideas to sustain workers will also be explored.

Webinar: Providing Wraparound Support Best Practice
Date & Time: 29 August at 2pm (90 minutes)
Presenter: Grace Leotta
Target Group: Case managers with at least two years experience in case management

Wraparound is way of providing individualised, holistic and coordinated support for people with complex needs. Learn about wraparound best practice to apply in your work with individuals/families.

Talking with Kids about Tricky Topics
Date: 31 August
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: CCWT Learning and Development Specialist
Target Group: Workers and carers working with children impacted by traumatic life events

Explore resources to help you to talk with kids you work with or care for about tricky topics such as mental illness, domestic violence, a parent in jail and others.

Introduction to Structured Decision Making – Safety Assessment and Risk Assessment
Date: 31 August, 1 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Catherine Santoro
Target Group: Caseworkers, case managers and support workers working in government and non-government organisations with child protection service delivery responsibilities

The Structured Decision Making system is an evidence-based decision support system that assists agencies and practitioners with child protection responsibilities make robust, reliable and equitable decisions about immediate safety and future risk to vulnerable children and families.

Facilitating Emotionally Charged Groups
Date: 4, 5 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Saul Nightingale
Target Group: Workers and carers working with children impacted by traumatic life events

Increase yours skills and confidence in planning for, recognising, and responding to highly charged, emotional and volatile training/group facilitation settings.

Step by Step 2016 Familiarisation
Date: 4 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Carer Assessment Resource Team Specialist
Target Group: Experienced foster carer assessors

Feel confident in using all the tools in the latest version of Step by Step. This one-day workshop provides experienced assessors with an overview of the tools to assess and review foster carers and kinship carers, and undertake guardianship assessments.

Growing Children: Helping Parents Understand Their Child’s Social and Emotional Development
Date: 5 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Beth Macgregor and Justine Ellis
Target Group: Anyone working with children and families

Use theories about emotional and social development to have a greater understanding of children who are experiencing social and emotional difficulties. Learn from a child psychiatrist’s clinical examples and identify strategies to support children and their families.

Recognising and Responding to the Abuse of Older People
Date: 6 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Saul Nightingale
Target Group: Frontline workers, line supervisors, managers and senior staff working with older people

Improve your skills and confidence in recognising and responding to the abuse of older people.

Appreciative Inquiry – Positive Planning
Date: 6 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Lane Blume
Target Group: Senior managers, board members, community developers

Use inclusive, people-focused, strength-based approaches to discover and articulate your core purpose and to organise your goals, culture and practices to achieve that purpose.

Men and Family Violence: Engaging Men to Take Responsibility for Using Violence
Date: 7, 8 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Eric Hudson
Target Group: Caseworkers and counsellors who are working with men who use violence in the home

This safe and informative practice-based workshop explores the issue of working with men who use violence in the home. This course is both theory and skills based, providing participants with the opportunity to discuss issues in relation to their work with men, observe a senior practitioner and practice their own skills.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Date: 7, 8 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Francis Huber
Target Group: Workers providing counselling or casework services

Build a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical background of SFBT by demonstration and practice of the key skills and tools. You will learn how to apply SFBT to a variety of counselling situations.

Uncomfortable Conversations: How to Talk about the Elephant in the Room
Date: 8 September
Venue: Sydney
Presenter: Gillian Brannigan
Target Group: Open

Develop awareness of the emotional triggers for yourself and others during uncomfortable conversations and reflect on how to bridge the gap between current behaviour and successful outcomes. Explore and practice frameworks to engage effectively in uncomfortable conversations.