Upcoming Regional Training

CCWT is heading to regional NSW this October to deliver a variety of training opportunities. Check out the following:

Applying a Trauma Informed Approach
Date: 12 October
Venue: Newcastle
Presenter: Mirna Tarabay
Target Group: Open

Learn about the impacts of trauma, particularly complex trauma, and discuss strategies to work more effectively with trauma survivors, including strategies for the individual worker and the service system.

Understanding and Responding to Domestic Violence
Date: 13 October
Venue: Dubbo
Presenter: Donna Bevan
Target Group: Open

All of us working in the social welfare, children’s, AOD, health and education sectors need to be able to identify and screen for DV, understand the dynamics, the potential impacts, and be able to utilise good practice and safe responses.

Understanding and Working with Simple and Complex Trauma
Date: 16, 17 October
Venue: Moruya
Presenter: Don Finnegan
Target Group: Experienced caseworkers and counsellors who would like more information on trauma

This workshop overviews the neuropsychology underpinning how we recover from and fail to recover from trauma. It provides participants with a map for trauma therapy and a range of techniques to facilitate this.

Managing Challenging Behaviours
Date: 17 October
Venue: Wagga Wagga
Presenter: Betty Stampouylis-Lyttle
Target Group: Workers who are managing challenging behaviours of clients and co-workers

Increase your skills and confidence in managing the challenging behaviours of co-workers and clients in this practical, participative and reflective workshop that maximises self-awareness and clearly defined strategies.

Interviewing Children in the Context of Allegations of Reportable Conduct or Professional Misconduct against Employees
Date: 18, 19, 20 October
Venue: Canberra
Presenter: Eleonora De Michele
Target Group: All staff with responsibilities to interview children when allegations of reportable conduct or professional misconduct have been made against employees

Interviewing children about reportable conduct can be daunting. This interactive practice-based workshop explores essential knowledge about child development, good questioning skills and legal implications involved in competently interviewing children.

Drug Use and Young People: Change and Choice
Date: 24 October
Venue: Coffs Harbour
Presenter: Peter Slattery
Target Group: Anyone working with young people

Understand what drives drug use. Learn how to do ‘on-the-run’ assessments and how to do them warmly and even with humour. Experience strategies for individuals, groups and families that you can call on should you decide that you can offer something to that young person.

Accidental Counsellor: 2 Day CCWT Workshop
Date: 24, 25 October
Venue: Tamworth
Presenter: CCWT Learning and Development Specialist
Target Group: Open

In this participative and practical workshop, build skills, confidence and frameworks to respond effectively to people experiencing difficulties and emotional distress, whilst remaining attentive to self care.

Loss and Grief that Comes with the Transition into Aged Care and Dementia
Date: 26 October
Venue: Merimbula
Presenter: Beate Steller
Target Group: Professionals working with those people affected by the loss and grief associated with the transition into aged care and dementia such as counsellors, nurses, therapists, aged care specialist, carers, psychologists and other allied health professionals

Research confirms that older people find the transition into aged care challenging. This disenfranchised loss is addressed by providing proactive strategies that support older people (with and without dementia) through this transition.

Safe Home Visiting
Date: 27 October
Venue: Albury
Presenter: Donna Bevan
Target Group: Open

Whether you are just starting your home visits or are experienced and want to review/refresh your practice, this workshop will help you to make your home visits safer and more productive. Use case scenarios and participant experiences to explore good practice policy, procedures and strategies.

Don’t forget to regularly visit CCWT’s website to stay on top of the courses we offer that could be just right for you or your organisation. Alternatively, if you would like a training package tailored to the needs of your team, contact our In-House department at inhouse@acwa.asn.au.