Upcoming Training in Regional NSW

This September CCWT is delivering a variety of training opportunities to regional NSW. Check out the following:

Staying Safe at Work
Date: 5 September
Venue: Tamworth
Presenter: Donna Bevan
Target Group: Open

Staying safe at work in our sector means having the tools, practical skills and confidence to effectively manage difficult situations in office, in community and in home settings.

Children’s Brain Development: Understanding the Impacts of Trauma, Supporting Resilience and Recovery
Date: 6, 7 September
Venue: Wagga Wagga
Presenter: Mirna Tarabay
Target Group: Anyone who works with children, young people and families including teachers, child care staff, family support, refuge workers, early intervention, child protection workers and counsellors

Learn about the influences of early childhood trauma and abuse on the developing brain, nervous system, human behaviour and memory, as well as ways to support resilience and recovery.

Journeys to Success: Coaching Young People
Date: 7 September
Venue: Moruya
Presenter: Terry Georgeson
Target Group: Anyone working with young people, caseworkers, youth workers and teachers

Equip yourself with new skills and tools to be able to coach a young person in shaping their goals and aspirations, honing their thinking habits and developing lifelong habits for success as defined by themselves.

Understanding the Transgender Person in a Welfare Setting
Case Management Masterclass
Date: 7 September
Venue: Dubbo
Presenter: Elizabeth Ceismann (The Gender Centre)
Target Group: Open to all workers in the community sector

This course looks at understanding transgender diversity, dispelling myths, explaining interventions and providing up-to-date better practice frameworks for inclusivity.

Writing Case Notes and Documentation
Case Management Masterclass
Date: 14 September
Venue: Maitland
Presenter: Lane Blume
Target Group: Open

Learn structured ways to ensure that your case notes and documentation are clear, useful and consistent, and will hold up to scrutiny.

Accidental Counsellor: 2 Day CCWT Workshop
Date: 18, 19 September 2017
Venue: Campbelltown
Presenter: CCWT Learning and Development Specialist
Target Group: Open

Build skills, confidence and frameworks to respond effectively to people experiencing difficulties and emotional distress, whilst remaining attentive to self care in this participative and practical workshop.

Domestic and Family Violence: Understanding the Impact on Children
Date: 20 September
Venue: Newcastle
Presenter: Mirna Tarabay
Target Group: Professionals who work with families, children or young people who are seeking a comprehensive introduction to understanding the impacts of family and domestic violence on children

Learn about the implications of living in domestic violence for children’s development and their physical and mental wellbeing, and explore strategies to support children who have experienced domestic violence.

CCWT is also paying a visit to Canberra on September 5 to deliver our Culturally Responsive Family Work with Migrant and Refugee Communities workshop for community workers working with or wishing to engage in working with migrant and refugee families.

In the meantime, if you would like a training package tailored to the needs of your team, contact our In-House department at inhouse@acwa.asn.au. CCWT also offers coaching, mentoring, supervision and other organisational development services.

Don’t forget to regularly visit our website to find courses that are just right for you or your organisation.