What’s Coming Up at CCWT?

Are you looking to upskill? Here’s a taste of the courses that CCWT has on offer in the coming months.

Key Areas of Learning

Workplace, Groupwork and Worker Wellbeing

Facilitating Emotionally Charged Groups
August 19 & 20 Sydney
Increase your skills and confidence in planning for, recognising and responding to highly charged, emotional and volatile training/group facilitation settings. 

The Nuts and Bolts of Writing
August 21 Sydney
Learn the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation, and how to avoid some common usage errors, so that you will write more clearly, effectively and professionally.

Public Speaking and Presenting Skills
September 9 & 10 Sydney
Learn practical tools and techniques to help you develop your presentation and facilitation skills, and gain confidence as a presenter.

Responding to Highly Charged Workplace Situations
September 16 Sydney
Do you feel unsure about how to keep yourself, clients and others safe in situations that are frequently unpredictable and highly emotionally charged? Using real-life situations and a range of interactive activities you will increase your ability to work collaboratively with clients to identify risks and promote safety, using contemporary best practice strategies and approaches. Drawing on trauma informed practice, you will hone your ability to develop working relationships that; build on strengths, are client-centred and support client autonomy, dignity and rights.

Permanency, Out-of-Home-Care and Child Protection

Working Therapeutically With Post-Separated Families
August 20 Sydney
Develop theoretical understanding of the emotional impacts of separation, as well as therapeutic interventions to help both parents and kids manage family separation in the best way possible.

Child Sexual Assault: Helping Non-Offending Parents to Support Their Child
August 22 Sydney
This workshop will look at an effective conversation style that assists non-offending parents to support, believe and protect their children.

Restoration Intensive Practice: Preparing Children, Young People and Their Families Before, During and After Restoration
August 22 & 23 Sydney
Good restoration practice requires understanding the impact of trauma on children and parents, providing opportunities for parents to demonstrate safe parenting and building supportive relationships between parents and foster carers.

Drug Use and Young People: Change and Choice
August 26 Sydney
Understand what drives drug use. Learn how to do an ‘on-the-run’ assessment and how to do it warmly and even with humour. Experience strategies for individuals, groups and families that you can call on, should you decide that you can offer something to that young person.

Parent Assessment for Restoration Tool Familiarisation (Step by Step)
August 28 Sydney
October 10  Sydney
This course is for experienced assessors to understand the theory and practice of how to assess parents for restoration using the Step by Step Parent Assessment Tool.

Child Development and Attachment: Impact From Early Years to Adulthood
August 29 & 30 Sydney
October 30 & 31 Sydney
Examine the implications of early relationship experiences for children’s emotional development, and learn how to help parents who are struggling to meet their children’s needs, as well as children who have experienced adverse early care.

Leading Restoration Practice for Team Leaders and Supervisors
September 2 & 3 Sydney
Leading practice in times of change can be challenging. This workshop will help leaders grow their leadership skills in the context of restoration practice in NSW.

Restoration Work
September 4 Sydney
The aim of this one day workshop is to support restoration work in our practice and strengthen our engagements with parents, children and carers.

Engaging Parents: Establishing a Working Alliance With Parents/Carers of Children and Young People at Risk
September 5 & 6  Canberra
October 17 & 18
Enhance your clinical practice through proven skills and strategies to positively engage parents from the outset in your work with children and young people at risk.

Parent Assessment for Restoration Tool Assessment Skills (Step by Step)
September 9, 10 & 11 Sydney
This course is for those with no experience or little experience in assessments and covers the theory and practice of how to assess parents for restoration using the Step by Step Parent Assessment Tool.

Working Therapeutically With Children and Young People
September 16 Sydney
This course is for clinicians hoping to adjust or refine their practice as well as clinicians attempting to move into work with children and young people.

Legal Issues and Affidavit Writing for NGO Providers in Permanency and OOHC
September 19 & 20 Coffs Harbour
October 24 & 25 Sydney
This workshop introduces participants to key sections of the Children and Young Person’s (Care and Protection) Act 1998 as it applies in NSW. We will explore alternative options to long-term care orders, care plans, legal reporting obligations, alternative dispute resolution options and the Children’s Court in NSW. We will also focus on writing Court Reports (Supervision and Suitability of Placement Reports), and Affidavit writing for s90 Significant Change of Circumstance Hearings.

Challenging Behaviours in Children and Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
September 27 Sydney
An interactive and practical course that answers all questions about ‘challenging behaviours’, how to manage them, what works and what doesn’t. Learn the strategies, know what to do and be ready for the NDIS.

Shared Lives Training Skills
October 14, 15 & 16 Sydney
Develop skills and confidence in conducting effective Shared Lives carer training.

Parenting Advice: 50 Solutions for 50 Parenting Problems
October 23 Sydney
A course jam-packed with solutions (including emotion coaching, time in and much more) to tricky parenting questions for parents of children aged 0-10 years. All solutions are based on top-quality research about the best way to support children’s development.

Management, Leadership and Governance

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
September 4 Merimbula
September 16
October 18
Increase your skills and confidence in planning for, recognising and responding to highly charged, emotional and volatile training/group facilitation settings.

Facilitating Group Supervision
September 26 Sydney
Group supervision can develop a cohesive, team approach IF it is not habitual or minimal. You will have the opportunity to practise various approaches to facilitation and trial some resources.

Leadership for a Healthy Work Environment
September 20 Sydney
Learn to lead and create a healthy workplace environment, where staff are energised and motivated, team members communicate well, work cooperatively and are inclusive, and conflict and problems are managed.

Professional Supervision: How and Why?
September 12 & 13 Dubbo
September 19 & 20
Supervision can be more than a ‘quick fix’. We will explore the framework of four functions of supervision (accountability, support, development and mediation) and how to establish and lead effective supervision.

Project Management
October 16 Sydney
Learn a project planning and management process, core skills for managing, working on and evaluating projects, and take away useful tools to use in your projects.

Clients and the Community

Accidental Counsellor
August 21 & 22  Narrabri
August 22 & 23 
September 11 & 12
September 17 & 18
September 23 & 24 
Wagga Wagga
October 14 & 15
Coffs Harbour
Build skills, confidence and frameworks to respond effectively to people experiencing difficulties and emotional distress, whilst remaining attentive to self care in this participative and practical workshop.

Effective Casework and Case Management
August 27 & 28 Sydney
September 2 & 3
Learn the fundamentals of quality case management, and develop essential skills and strategies in key aspects of strengths-based and person-centred case management.

Supporting Children Exposed to Suicide
August 29 Sydney
This course outlines a diverse range of issues to address in assisting children exposed to suicide to feel safe, supported, while experiencing and expressing grief that promotes resilience after trauma.

What’s Up With My Mob? Understanding the Impact of Transgenerational Trauma on Aboriginal Peoples
September 3 Sydney
This workshop aims to challenge and test past perceptions of Aboriginal Peoples and their culture and will encourage participants to develop a more respectful understanding of Aboriginal clients, colleagues and society in general.

Writing Case-Notes and Documentation
September 4 Sydney
Learn structured ways to ensure that your case-notes and documentation are clear, useful and consistent, and will hold up to scrutiny.

Suicide at Work: Supporting Exposed Staff and Managing Incidents
September 19 Sydney
When suicide impacts your workplace it’s too late to prepare. This course outlines how to support exposed staff and the myriad of issues to address in critical incident response plans.

Assessment and Referral Skills
September 24 Sydney
Discover what it takes to make an assessment that is accurate, authentic and person-centred. Build skills in referring in a way that reflects client needs and maximises the likelihood of successful engagement with the new service.

Uncomfortable Conversations: How to Talk About the Elephant in the Room
September 27
October 17
Maximise your ability to have uncomfortable conversations that are honest, respectful and productive. Explore and practise frameworks to engage effectively in difficult conversations.

Using Narrative Therapy to Respond to Domestic and Family Violence
October 17 Sydney
This workshop offers practical responses to the impact of violence, supporting clients to tell their stories in strengthening rather than re-traumatising ways. Ideas to sustain workers will also be explored.

Safe Home Visiting
October 18 Sydney
Whether you are just starting your home visits or are experienced and want to review/refresh your practice, this workshop will help you to make your home visits safer and more productive. Use case scenarios and participant experiences to explore good practice policy, procedures and strategies.

Applying a Trauma Informed Approach
October 23 Sydney
Learn about the impacts of trauma, particularly complex trauma, and discuss strategies to work more effectively with trauma survivors, including strategies for the individual worker and the service system.

Counselling and Therapy

Art and Play Therapy With Children
August 23 Sydney
Learn about child-led play therapy. Play therapy optimises children’s self-expression and safety in counselling. Maximise your success in engaging with and supporting change for children 2-10 years old.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
August 26 & 27 Sydney
This introductory workshop will provide participants with an overview of the six core processes of ACT and the skills to develop and strengthen psychological flexibility in their own lives and those of their clients.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
September 5 & 6 Sydney
Build a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical background of SFBT by demonstration and practice of the key skills and tools. You will learn how to apply SFBT to a variety of counselling situations.

Introduction to Narrative Therapy
September 23 & 24 Sydney
Learn about Narrative Therapy, the hopeful approach to counselling and community work that is responsive to the politics of therapy in an accessible, fun and thoughtful way.

Working With Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma
September 30 & October 1 Sydney
Enhance your relational and therapeutic skills and examine strategies for supporting post-traumatic growth when working with adults who have survived childhood abuse (complex trauma).

Introduction to Internal Family Systems
October 10 Sydney
IFS therapy is a mindful, compassionate, non-pathologizing model of therapy with an understanding that symptoms are actually the coping mechanisms of Parts (sub-personalities) trying to protect us from pain. This introductory workshop will provide participants with an overview of IFS and the skills to work effectively with parts in their own lives and those of their clients.

Narrative Therapy Using the ‘Heart and Wall’ Tool
October 15 Sydney
The Heart and Wall is a therapeutic resource informed by Narrative Therapy. It gives practitioners a simple tool they can use to engage in conversations that provide hope and possibilities.

Groupwork With Children and Young People Who Have Experienced Trauma
October 25 Sydney
Enhance your groupwork skills when working with children and young people who have experienced trauma. The creative groupwork techniques you will learn and enjoy experimenting with in this course are based on the application of the theory and practice principles of growth informed groupwork and trauma enlightened intervention.

Alcohol, Other Drugs and Mental Health

Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change
August 19 & 20 Moruya
This workshop focuses on a framework for engaging with people in the context of change. It will assist participants to develop skills and knowledge in motivational interviewing and apply the principles and skills to their workplace.

Trauma and Addictions
August 19 Sydney
The link between complex childhood trauma and adult addictions is well known (ACE study). This workshop will explore the theme of addiction as a coping mechanism. Participants will gain the ‘know how to’ provide a balance of trauma and addiction interventions for positive and efficient client growth and recovery.

Complex Trauma and Mental Health
September 17 & 18 Sydney
Complex developmental trauma is the trauma of childhood neglect, physical and sexual assault, and exposure to family and community violence. This training explores mindful, strengths-based and creative counselling for transformation and recovery.

Unravelling Poly Addictions: Addressing Substance Dependency and Behavioural Addictions
September 23 Sydney
Traditionally, there has been a mythical gulf between substance dependencies and behavioural addictions. Neurologically, we now know that both stimulate the reward systems of the brain. This training explores treatment specific needs in alcohol and other drugs, problem gambling, and other addictive behaviour.

Mindfulness for the Anxious Client
September 25 Sydney
Anxiety is a normal response to stress but can contribute to persistent worry, sleeplessness and fatigue. Learn how mindfulness can reduce symptoms of anxiety, enhance psychological flexibility and be used professionally.

Unpacking the Complexity of Hoarding and Squalor
October 3 & 4 Sydney
Hoarding Disorder and Severe Domestic Squalor is on the increase with an estimated 600,000 Australians affected. But how do you work with and support someone living in clutter? Like the proverbial iceberg, it’s not what you can see on top of the water, but rather what’s underneath.

Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change
October 21, 22 & November 29 Sydney
Motivational interviewing is a person-centred, evidence-based approach aimed at decreasing resistance and increasing the possibility of change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion.

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